About The Last Great Alliance

The Last Great Alliance on Arkenstone is a casual, friendly, and active kinship, lead by Sinord and Eararadith.

We are casual in that we accept players from all walks of life. Do you like to solo? Raid? Depends on your mood? You are all welcome. We will join you in running instances, or gear you up for solo play.

We are friendly in that we respect each other and others on the server. We use family friendly language in kinship and world chat. We help each other out with gear, quests, and advice.

We are active in that we organize kinship events, host raids and instance runs, and communicate with each other via kinship chat, as well as Teamspeak. We also work to bring together the leaders and players of other kinships so as to improve the game experience for people across the server via the Arkenstone Alliance (http://ARK.gamerlaunch.com).

Come and join us! Fill out the application and contact one of our officers in the game. Always feel free to drop a note to Sinord, Eararadith or any of our other officers.

B'Day - Zeolas
What's New

Useful Guides & Information

Eara - 12 days ago

It's amazing what you can find with Google nowadays. Here are some useful gold mines of information:


1. http://dadislotroguides.com/ 

- Everything you need to know on raids, instances, stat caps, big battles etc.


2. https://departmentofstrategery.wordpress.com/

- Locations (Visual) on roving threats treasure caches, nodes etc.


and if all fails...

3. https://lotro-wiki.com/


Forum Ranks

Heather the Many - 283 days ago

I proudly present to you: forum ranks!

What are those:

You will get new titles attached to your name depending on your forum activity.

1 post: You are a Silent Watcher.

2 posts: you are known to the community

10 posts: well, find out yourself, why spoil the fun?


Now happy posting!

No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em